Grilled cheese and orange juice

No, I’m not still high from the Gator win and, therefore, centering all of my food choices around an Orange and Blue theme.

I have a scratchy throat. I’m tired. And I want some comfort food.

I was up until 3:30 last night talking on the phone. I had intended to go to bed early, to begin my “get out of this crazy night owl ridiculousness” routine and heed the prophet’s counsel to go to bed early and arise early.

I think it will help me get focused and get into a routine.

I think it will help me get things done.

I think it will help me not waste time.

I’m sure it will help me get sufficient rest.

But, that ship sort of sailed this weekend. Because, when I’m on the phone with one particular person, I talk for hours with no regard for any of my responsibilities.  We bond. It’s great.

But then, the next morning, my trash is kicked.

It’s not like I didn’t sleep–I did.  I slept for like 7 hours.

But I guess it wasn’t enough.

Because I feel not so good.  I don’t feel terrible, but I don’t feel great.
And now I think I’m not going to get anything done today.

I had grand plans. I was going to read a ton during my downtime at tutoring, go to the bank, get quarters, and do an enormous amount of laundry.

I always feel peaceful when my laundry’s done. It’s piling up. Oh, what I wouldn’t give for my own washer and dryer.  I hate community laundry rooms. They’re so inconvenient.

But now I think I will be good to even get to the drugstore to get some OJ and some throat stuff.


I’ve got to grade, too, and plan for tomorrow’s class.

But I’ve got a big week, and I need to be sharp. I’ve got a fun date on Friday planned and I’m probably going to Orlando on Saturday to support an awesome person in doing something amazing and wonderful.

Plus, I suppose I should do some work and stuff.


Think good thoughts for me!

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