They like me…they really like me!

Got my evaluations back from this summer’s first stab at teaching Brit Lit.

They were surprisingly good, on par with the evaluations I get in my more successful writing classes.

The constructive criticism was all the stuff I had already decided–too much reading, too much work, not enough time for papers–but I was teaching it in 6 weeks rather than 15, and it was my first stab at it, so all in all I think it was successful.

That makes me happy, since teaching lit is actually what I want to do with my life.

I think it’s strange sometimes to step out of the self-deprecating bubble that I live in and see things from another perspective. The TAs that I am teamteaching with this semester said that I am a good discussion leader–and I think that I am crap at it still. It’s the thing that I struggle with most–lecturing, I can do. Group work, no problem. But leading a sustained discussion that doesn’t die a horrible and painful silent death or that doesn’t degenerate into an argument?

That’s hard.

But maybe I’m better at this whole deal than I think I am.

Of course, if I was, I wouldn’t have spent the last hour and a half wasting time rather than reading student papers like I should be doing.

One step at a time, I suppose.

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