Blackberries, Jim, and shooting ex-husbands

Two posts in one day? What could it be other than procrastination?

I have an unnatural affection to blackberry Yoplait yogurt. I heart it with my whole being. It’s the only thing worth eating for breakfast. Cereal is for other times of the day…even though I catch a lot of crap from certain people when I tell them that a) I mix my cereals and b) I eat cereal for dinner. I can cook. I just, at times, choose not to.

The Office premiere was last night. It was great. Fabulous–although it was far too Jim-uncentric. I love me some Jim Halpert, and it was horrible having him be at another office. And darn the Office writers for making me now like Roy and Pam too! ARRGGGHHH! Another love triangle…as if I needed that in my life. 🙂

ER was also excellent. I was surprised how good it was. It’s gone through rough patches, but I genuinely think that ER, more than any other show, has done a fine job of developing storylines and characters that make you almost forget that Dr. Ross or Dr. Greene ever worked there. Carter who? I’ll take Luka any day.

Although, I will admit, when I was watching Abby in the operating room, I was having flashbacks to Carol’s delivery of the twins. Can we not recycle a different storyline? And I called the shooting too. I’m excited about John Stamos…bring on the hotties!

And, no, I did not watch Grey’s Anatomy. The finale was on again last night and because there was nothing else on, I watched parts of it again. I found myself, as I did when I watched it the first time, disgusted and angry.

Thus, I will not watch Grey’s again. I’m going cold turkey.

I’m seriously excited about Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls coming back…

And have I mentioned lately that my birthday is in 17 DAYS?!?


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