I have been surprised by a couple of things this week.

The first has been some budding friendships that I didn’t expect. I love that–when you get to talk to people that you don’t expect and the conversations are good and interesting and engaging. I am especially surprised when people trust me enough to confide in me. Don’t get me wrong–I am trustworthy, I feel–but it just sometimes surprises me when people that I don’t expect to trust me do.

That keeps happening to me.

A couple of those friendships are genuinely surprising and not really initiated by me. That’s even more cool. The unexpected rocks.

Unless of course it’s a crazy dream. And then it’s just…disconcerting. But nice. But weird. Dreams are amazingly powerful–testifies to the power of the imagination, I suppose.

And then there is the surprising part of me that really misses a friend of mine. I don’t really understand why I miss my friend so much–I just do. I sometimes don’t like being that connected to somebody, because it strips me of my independence. I like to think that I can handle everything, that I don’t need anything…but it’s totally not true.

I really don’t like admitting that.

Last surprise, and certainly not as emotionally vulnerable an announcement, is that I get to go to the Gator game on Saturday. I’m excited. Of course, the game is at 7:45 and the RS Broadcast is at 8.

Um…does that make me a bad RS president? If I promise to watch it on the Internet the next day? Or read it as soon as it gets put up?

I’m going to Enrichment earlier that day…does that count?

Ugh. Sometimes it’s surprising how much I can worry about things as well…

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