where the love light gleams

I’m about to whine from the heart.  If you don’t want to hear about it, skip this.

It’s Thanksgiving. I MISS my family and everyone else who is far away who I love.  I didn’t think I would miss them this much…but I really, really do.  Everyone is going home–and I am wishing that I was too.

That said, I am SO lucky to have wonderful friends here who have adopted me and make me feel more loved than I should probably feel.  I have been adopted for Thanksgiving–no worries about that–and I am really excited about that.

But I miss my mom and her silly sense of humor.  I miss going to the movies or shopping with her, or even just laying on the couch in my living room and getting to talk to her during a stupid show that we’re watching.  I miss my cats, and how they always remember me.  I miss their silly furry selves all snuggled up to me at night because it’s so cold.   I miss North Carolina at Thanksgiving and all the crunchy leaves everywhere.

I am also really missing my best friend.  A lot.  I don’t know why, but I really am.

I’ll be glad when this weekend is over–because it will mean that I am that much closer to going home!

Okay, whine over.  I am blessed. I know it–really, I do.  And I’m not complaining about anything in my life.  Just sharing how I’m feeling. I am just missing those blessings a little bit right now.  Maybe it’s because I realize how blessed I am that I am missing them so much?

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