you better not cry…you better not pout

So I took an enormous nap today.

It was wonderful.

I should have been doing a lot of other things, namely my laundry and the 14 things that I had hoped to get done on Sunday and Monday that never got done.

But what I chose to do was best, I think, for me.  I was tired. I needed a nap.  And I’m pretty sure that I refuse to feel badly about it.

Yesterday I was in the worst mood that I’ve been in many, many moons. I’m not sure why.  I’ve been told that I am experiencing existential stress. I suppose that’s true. I do know that I am exhausted from a semester that can only be mildly described as emotionally, physically, and socially stressful.

I am ready for it to be December 7th, and for it to be time for me to go away from here for a while.

I am thinking that I’ll be hibernating a little until then. My facebook status says that I’m looking for a shell to crawl in, preferably one with cookie dough, TiVO, and no responsibilities.  It’s true.

I’m trying to get out of my snarky attitude.  I think I’m getting there, for the most part.  But I am tired of situations and people that cause more drama than they need to.  I am tired of ME causing more drama than is needful.

I am just tired!

And I miss the people that I love.

Bring on the 7th!  Bring on the road trip that will take me home!

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