don’t you tell a single soul

More Christmas memes!  I need these right now…they are mindless, they are fun, and they are easy to be excited about.  And yes, I just ended a sentence with a preposition.

1. Who do you want to be under the mistletoe with?

Uhm, no comment.

2. What are your favorite Christmas memories?

One? When my family was inactive, we were adopted for the 12 days of Christmas.  Getting those gifts every night was amazing–and it worked. We were back in church shortly after–not because we got stuff, but because we knew that we were loved.  Another good memory was when I stayed up ALL NIGHT trying to finish my mom’s present.  It took me until about 6 a.m., she came out and caught me, but I realized that must be what it’s like to really lose yourself in giving.  Another? When I got my first bike. Granted, I soon ate it on the sidewalk outside my aunt’s house, but I loved it. I still have no idea how my mom trucked it 100 miles north without me figuring it out.  Or maybe it really was Santa! 🙂

3. Where would you rather spend Christmas this year?

I would like to have snow, but I will be ever so blessed to be with my family.

4. What is your favorite Christmas song?

My favorite Christmas non-carol is “All I Want for Christmas Is You,”  followed closely by “Santa Baby” and “Same Auld Lang Syne.”

5. What do you usually do Christmas morning?

Sleep in.  I’m not 5 anymore. Then we eat–sometimes sticky buns, since they’ve sort of become a tradition–and go to my aunt’s house.

6. Have you bought all your presents yet?

Heck no. I’m really bad at that. But I’m actually hoping to get done EARLY this year.  I like the presents wrapped under the tree for a while.
7. What do you do on Christmas Eve?

Not much.  Usually watch some sort of Christmas movie (usually It’s a Wonderful Life) and make preparations for whatever’s going to happen the next day. We don’t have a lot of Christmas Eve traditions.

8. Do you spend Christmas with a lot of family?

Everybody that I can.

9. Do you go anywhere special on Christmas vacation?


10. What do you usually eat on Christmas?

Ham. Potatoes.  The assorted holiday foods.  I’m usually in charge of dessert.

11. Do you still believe in Santa?

No, but I want to. And I fully believe in the spirit of Santa.

12. Do you still make snowmen and snow angels?

Any opportunity I have!

13. Do you still have snow ball fights with your siblings/parents?

If I could!  That would be fun.  Most of the time when it snows, it’s just me and my mom and she’s not exactly into snowball fights.

14. What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

It’s a Wonderful Life.  A Charlie Brown Christmas.  Any Hallmark Christmas movie. I don’t like–in fact, I HATE–A Christmas Story.

15. What do you like doing over the Christmas holidays?

Movies!  We usually see far too many.  Read ridiculously frivolous books.  Shopping, of course.
16. What do you plan to do for New Year’s Eve?

Nothing. I never do anything.  I have aspirations for doing something, but who knows?  I’m usually just home being a recluse.

17. What are your usual traditions on New Year’s?


18. Got any resolutions?

The usual:

Exercise more.

Prioritize my scripture reading.

Work harder on my dissertation.

Be a better visiting teacher.

They’re basically my daily goals.

19. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever got for Christmas?

I got a giant makeup kit once. It’s not so much that it was weird (I got it mainly because it was a cool makeup holder), but that I never really used it.20. What’s the most expensive thing you’ve got for Christmas?

An iPod.

21. How early do you wake up on Christmas morning?

I don’t unless I have to.

22. What do you usually get in your stocking?

I always got an orange in the bottom, in the toe.  Now I don’t get a stuffed stocking very often.  But it always had candy (especially one of those giant candy canes), usually school supplies like pencils and erasers, and other silly stuff that my mom would find and pick up.

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