just like the one(s) i used to know

I got a letter from my best friend on Saturday.  He’s in the MTC, and he’s doing phenomenally well.
He’s writing me once a week, like he promised. I’m really happy about that.

This letter, though, sounded much more like my best friend than the first one. The first letter was awesome, but it was so different–he was such the missionary, such the spiritual giant. I was always impressed with his thoughtfulness about the gospel, but that letter got me thinking that he didn’t really need anybody at all.  He was doing great, and all of my supportive letters seemed a little…superfluous.

But this letter, while still amazing and full of the Spirit and full of great updates from the MTC, sounded much like the best friend that I know and love.  I’ll admit that I was a little worried–had he changed so much already? I should have known better–this isn’t my first time around with writing to missionaries.

I feel back to my old self a little bit–after a week and a half of drama and angst and stress and nuttiness. That’s nice. I felt the glimmerings of the Christmas spirit last night as I was watching the First Presidency Devotional.  Giddy, silly, amazing feelings–I love them.  I love that it’s happening on the 3rd of December, too–that makes me hopeful for an amazing Christmas season.

I’m so excited to go home–Thursday I will be homeward bound on I-95, taking my seasonal tour of the best burger joints and gas stations on the corridor. Maybe I’ll take pictures this time–I’ve never done that before.  But when I get home, I’ll encounter real winter, loving cats who will remind me why I love pets, and a family who has MISSED me something fierce.

Yay for the familiar!

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