where you can see

so i wish that i could claim this model of telling you about myself, but i can’t. i found it, strangely, during one of my lyric google searches and found it utterly enchanting.  she’s a photographer–figures she’d be a poet too. her work is great–check it out here.  and since i’m always looking for new ways to tell you who i am (possibly because i’m still trying to define it myself), here we go.

i love: great jokes. almost everything about my family (including how crazy it is).  the way i feel when i know that i’ve made a good choice. 

i talk: too much and not enough.

i believe: in the power of a smile.  in the reality of true love.  in the capacity for one soul to truly do good. i also desperately want to believe in santa claus and tinkerbell.

i cry: when i am frustrated and angry.  at hallmark commercials.  when someone has cut me to the core. in essence, too much and not enough. 

i whine: when i am burdened. when i know i’m right and someone is saying i’m wrong. when i’m sick.

i dig: discovering new things.  feeling smart.  crossstitching.  feeling important.

i love: giraffes.  powerful hugs that communicate love.  getting my hair done.  possibilities stretched out before me.  friends who are protective.  good lip gloss.

i’m learning: that i am enough.  how to let go.  that i’m pretty.

i embrace: my lameness.  the contagious enthusiasm of children.  a stuffed lamb when i sleep.  my future.  chances to try new things.

i want to: be a mom.  go to europe. learn to play the piano.  waterski.

i love: strappy, sassy shoes.  spending money.  cold nights with lots of stars.  deep conversations.  my cats.

i’m afraid: i won’t get what i really want. that i’ll miss my chance. that i am, at my core, obnoxious and annoying.

a baby’s giggle is my favorite sound.

i don’t understand: geometry. arrogance. paris hilton. men.  abuse. 

i like eating: chinese food with chopsticks. ice cream. ribs from outback.

i like watching: good parents. lots of mindless tv.  myself grow.  

i love to say: “ostensibly” in normal conversation. what i really think.  i love you, and know that it’s reciprocated.

i’m bothered: by idiotic driving.

i’ve watched: the gators play, and that’s why i’m a fan. someone suffer and die, and that’s why i know the plan of salvation is true.  the world change.

i wonder: often why life isn’t fair.  how they get the little flag into a hershey’s kiss (and why it’s necessary).   when it will be my turn.

i own: too many books, and i keep buying them.

i hate: that i don’t think about the right thing to say until hours afterward.  cottage cheese.  that exercise is necessary for health.  the look of tennis shoes on my feet.

when i grow up i want to be amazing.

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