hoof prints on her forehead…incriminating Claus marks on her back

well, i woke up this morning feeling worse than i have in a really long time.

i mean, i’ve had colds, but…this particular carnival of horrors surprised me.

i knew it was coming, even when i posted last night. the telltale sore throat was my first clue.  you know how there are different kinds of sore throats? there’s the “i shouted my heart out and now my throat feels like raw hamburger”sore throat, the “i’ve been sleeping with the heater on full blast” sore throat, and then there’s the one i had yesterday–the “some vicious virus having its way with you and its coming to get you” sore throat.

i didn’t sleep well last night–kept waking up every two hours for some inexplicable reason–and every time i did wake up, i had this massive headache that brought me to my proverbial knees.  luckily, that’s basically gone now.  and to top that off? body aches and nausea.

oh yeah.  the flu hit me, ran me over, and then backed up just to make sure the job was done effectively.

so i’ve spent the day eating as little as possible, laying on my mom’s bed (which, let me tell you, is much more comfortable than the futon), and sleeping through multiple movies.  so far?  christmas in connecticut and signs.  Those make for some interesting half-sleep moments, i’ll tell you.  both great movies, though. 

i am, however, feeling a little bit better now.  mom’s still sick, so we’ll see what kind of party we’ll be having tonight when neither one of us wants to cook or even move and yet things need to get done.  ah…fun. 

hopefully, next time i write i will be completely well. hopefully that will be thursday. because i have shopping yet to do, and presents to finish, and things to do.  and i’d really like to not be sick on christmas, because i’m not sure that i’ll be able to go to the family shindig if i am.  my grandaddy in frail health on the best days–the last thing he needs is me, the walking petri dish, getting him all sick.

so i’m needing a roadkill resurrection. 

i have faith.  🙂

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