join in all the reindeer games

so i’m still sick.  it’s not been pleasant. i’ve not been this sick in many, many moons.  i am so sick of being sick or being around sick that i can’t even tell you. i had been waiting to post until i was well, but i am tired of waiting and am moving on. 

on the good news flip side, i have a date on wednesday night. that ought to be fun, if i don’t hack and cough all over him the whole night. gosh, wouldn’t THAT be attractive?

i can’t believe christmas is already here. where did december go?  seems like just yesterday it was the 1st or 2nd, and i was so enthusiastic about the season. i feel like it flew by. 

now i’m off to bake. that ought to make me feel more human and more festive. 

merry christmas to you, dear readers.  you are friends, whether i know who you are or not, and i have realized this year how very precious and dear my friends are to me. 

i am richly blessed. 

now go have fun! i intend to do some of that, subdued as it may be, myself.

3 Responses to “join in all the reindeer games”

  1. how about- my mom thinks I’m a loser because I went an entire semester and had…how many? oh that’s right. a big ZERO dates.

    but I’m way happy someone’s living the good life…minus the sick part.

  2. pish posh. i’ve had more dates in the last year than i have had in the THIRTEEN YEARS since i started “dating.”

    who knows why that happens? i wouldn’t worry about it. i’m not worried about you. it’ll happen–when the time is right.

    and, yeah, i’m sorry for saying that. i uber-hate it when other people say it to me.

  3. just a random hit. doctor in the house… hope you have a great new year. peace.

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