selling out

apparently, according to some kind of obscure logorithmic formula i happened upon, my blog is worth $1100 and some change.

i should annoy the elders quorum presidents i know for an explanation. they’re business guys/economists.  it has something to do with the number of clicks you get…how many people read you.

no offense to those of you who read and enjoy this blog, but i would sell you out in a hot minute to get my hands on that kind of cash.

what i wouldn’t do? compromise the artistic integrity of the blog.  actually, i really just wouldn’t put advertising on my  page. it’s ugly. it’s annoying. i hate it.


oh well.  i guess no $1100 for me.

but if i get my numbers up, both in blogstats and in value, you may see movie trailers at the top of my screen soon.

everybody’s got their price.

One Response to “selling out”

  1. Depends on why you blog. Are you blogging for you or for someone else? Personally I have two blogs, One for me, and One for other people(self-help-advice). Money sometimes motivates. Who Know..

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