100 things about me

1. i am an only child.

2. i was partially raised by my grandparents.

3. i was a latch-key kid and I think it was good for me.

4. i started babysitting when I was 11. i also think that was good for me, although it may explain why i wanted 12 children at one point in my life.

5. i am a quintessential Libra. look it up.

6. i was born nearly a month late. my mom was in labor for 72 hours.

7. even then, the incompetent doctors thought I wasn’t ready to be born.

8. uhm, i am stubborn. see 6, 7, 9, 43…

9. i despite cottage cheese and have since i was a baby. chunky dairy products make no sense to me.

10. when i was young, i wanted to be a lawyer like matlock or a hairdresser.

11. my back-up dream job now is pastry chef. too bad i know that i would be crap at it.

12. i can read very quickly. it is the only way i have gotten through school without dying.

13. magazines, therefore, are a frivolous expense because i finish them too quickly.

14. ribs are my favorite food. the only good ribs, in my opinion, are from outback. i’ve done research.

15. my mom is the only person who really understands me–besides my Heavenly Father.

16. i have never met my dad. i now have no desire.

17. i have never been out of the country–no, not even to mexico or canada.

18. this brings me a tiny bit of shame.

19. my mom is my hero. she is also the person who can drive me the nuttiest.

20. my biggest dream is to be a good wife and mom.

21. my biggest fear is that i will never get to do those things because i am somehow flawed.

22. i have really eclectic musical tastes. lots of people say that, but for me it’s true.

23. i am a weird idiot savant about pop cultural information.

24. i can sleep, hitting my snooze alarm every 9 minutes, for hours.

25. i love giraffes. they are regal and sweet and awkward, all at the same time.
26. i love ladybugs.

27. daisies are my favorite flower. i like to quote meg ryan’s line from you’ve got mail that they are the friendliest flower.
28. when I’m upset, I eat ice cream. when i’m really upset, it’s chocolate.
29. i bake my own bread when i have time. and it’s good.

30. i aspire to pioneer domestic skills like quilting.

31. my favorite movie is the goodbye girl, from 1977.

32. people who quibble about the mysteries of God bother me. i just don’t think it matters.

33. i have never broken a bone, but i dislocated my kneecap in a bathroom in barstow, CA in 1993.

34. when i had my first surgery, i was desperately afraid that i would be awake and feeling it all. i wasn’t.

35. i’m not sure i’ve ever really been in love.

36. i have to have noise in my house—often the tv—or else i can’t get anything done.

37. i hate the phrase “in due time” when it relates to me—which is why it relates to me.

38. when i realize that certain people really do love me, i’m not sure why they do.

39. i love the smell of vanilla more than almost anything else.

40. i hate to clean,but ironically nothing makes me happier than when my house is perfectly clean.

41. in the last year, i have been loved more and hurt more than i have been in my life.

42. i don’t like it when i can’t charm people and win them over.

43. this doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, it becomes almost a vendetta.

44. i love books of all kinds. i love the smell of them, the idea of them, their presence in my house.

45. i aspire to one day own all of the Nancy Drew and Agatha Christie books.

46. my mom sang to me as a child, complete with Rodgers and Hammerstein songbook, rather than reading to me. i think that’s deeply cool.

47. my favorite compliment ever was “you are good at life.”

48. it is still an honor for me to be my best friend’s best friend.

49. i hate frogs. i like them in theory, but if they are in my house, i freak out.

50. the same goes for mice.

51. i am the bugkiller in my family. especially spiders.

52. i believe that when the persnickety cats love you, it is the best kind of acceptance.

53. i love the feeling of being bundled up in blankets on a cold morning.

54. i hate, however, the house being cold when I’m coming out of the shower.

55. i think i am a fairly contradictory person. i think most people are.
56. i would like to be mysterious, but most people can read every emotion or thought on my face.

57. my favorite everyday word is snarky.

58. my favorite academic word is ostensibly. or penchant.

59. when I re-read what I’ve written, i am always amazed at how smart i sound.

60. i never, in a million years, thought i would be a PhD someday.

61. my favorite drink is caffeine free diet dr. pepper but they don’t sell it everywhere.

62. i have too much credit card debt.

63. i have a list of things i want to do before i die.

64. i wanted the list to be 50 things, but i’m only up to 27. i’ve accomplished two so far.

65. i like younger men. i like older men. the men my age…meh.

66. i have a phobia of escalators. it’s an inconvenient phobia.
67. i have never been athletic and don’t think i ever will be.

68. nothing thrills and energizes me more than teaching well.

69. i get a perverse kind of pride out of telling people how long my dissertation will be. the look of shock alone is enough.

70. i really fear failure. the future is a bit scary too.

71. i hold people to really high standards and don’t like it when they don’t meet them.

72. arrogance drives me insane.

73. i genuinely consider it a modern-day miracle every time a man and a woman are married in the temple.

74. most people think i am at least five years younger than i am.

75. i once worked in hallmark store for two days. i quit.

76. i worked, in my first year of college, as a receptionist for perhaps the most psychotic doctor i’ve ever met. it was my best and my worst job.

77. i know that, were she here, my grandma would be really proud of me. i hope she’s proud from where she is.

78. my favorite jam is blackberry.

79. i am both a cat and a dog person.

80. i am a good cook, but i don’t practice enough.

81. my favorite thing at taco bell is a baja chicken chalupa.

82. i made my own curtains. from scratch. without a pattern.

83. i am a good friend. if you screw me over, i hold a grudge.
84. my favorite color is green, now. it used to be blue.

85. i have big feet.
86. i’ve never felt more like an independent, sophisticated adult woman than when i went to new york city.

87. when I was in 8th grade, i shaved the bottom half of my head. i always regretted it, until i learned that one of my best friends decided i was cool when she saw it.

88. i took six years of Spanish, can read and translate it really well, but can’t speak it enough to give someone simple driving directions.

89. i have been accused, frequently, of being a grammar nazi. i do notice, but i try not to correct.

90. there are, however, no reasonable excuses for errors in publications.

91. i am fiercely for the underdog. i believe in justice. but i also believe that life isn’t fair and people should stop whining.

92. my birthday is my favorite holiday.

93. i love facebook, but i am not obsessed.

94. i have a goal to live in every region of the country. i’ve done west and mid-atlantic and florida.

95. i can eat pizza for every meal for days without getting bored.

96. the idea that i am popular now is both surreal and amazing to me. i have always been a dork. i still am.
97. my front door is most often littered with shoes. i take them off as soon as is humanly possible.

98. i am inordinately thrilled when i can completely finish a newspaper crossword puzzle—in pen. i have a crossword mind.

99. i am politically independent, and believe that any candidate who wants my vote better earn it. i am strangely swayed by libertarianism recently.
100. i have only recently blossomed into the carrie that most of you know. i like her. i think I’ll keep her around.


4 Responses to “100 things about me”

  1. so that I didn’t look like I have nothing to do with my life on facebook besides leaving lengthy comments, I’m commenting on this on here in hopes that fewer people notice my lack of motivation for the real task at hand (studying for my psychology of personality test tomorrow.)
    12. when I was younger I read books all the time. I would hide a flashlight under the covers and read after my bedtime, lock myself in the bathroom and sit against the door with a book, anything to keep going. we’d go to the library every saturday. I got my first card at age four and I remember thinking how cool that was. I’m pretty sure I read 90% of the children’s section available to me. the library staff always talked to me and my sisters. one time they gave me a set of french flashcards someone had donated because they knew I was in “learn french” phase (that never did play out but oh well.) If I wanted to describe the best part of my childhood, spending time at the library probably tops the list along with some romps in primary.
    13. everytime I go to publix or walmart or something I am tempted to buy magazines. I have settled for reading my roommates when she buys them and I find myelf saying things like “honestly drew barrymore…bruce willis? you couldn’t do better than that?” and “for real brittany, jumping dudes so fast with two kids in tow is way lame” and then I remember that my life has nothing to do with these people and I get sad I wasted a good half hour thoroughly picking apart a magazine.
    24. I skip the work and just turn it off the first time. not the best habit.
    31. I’ve only seen the new one but I bet the old one would make me cry as well.
    34. that does happen. luckily the only surgery I’ve had was on my gums and I got laughing gas and novacaine.
    41. ditto.
    48. mine is when old family friends we haven’t seen in a bit see us again and they tell my mom what a beautiful woman I’ve become. eh. call me shallow/vain. I still love to hear it.
    49. I used to have pet frogs. several. at different periods too. they…it wasn’t the best of experiences.
    50. ditto for the mice.
    51. I refuse to kill bugs because I don’t like the noise/feel they make when you do. if forced to deal with one I try and catch/release it.
    52. I’m highly suspicious of people that cricket doesn’t like. There are few people she hates (though she fears a few) but when she’s agitated around someone I worry. Same with Asher…he is a people dog so when he growls at someone I know somethings up. If my dog does not like my date, that’s the end of that. I’m not even kidding. I trust Asher’s judgement more than my own.
    59. me too. :o)
    66. I have a phobia of jellyfish and grasshoppers. meh.
    75. that makes me happy. I hate the old women who work in hallmark. My mom loves willow tree stuff but whenever I go to buy her some they watch me carefully like I’m going to steal/break something and seem suspicious when I ask for a box for one. whatev.
    84. mine used to be green. now it’s blue.
    97. I always forget to take off my shoes in the houses of my foreign friends and always am embarrassed when someone points down at my feet with a cough. it’s downright shameful.

  2. annnnnd what the heck my comment was like an entry unto itself. sheesh.

  3. I’m so stealing this idea… LOL..( if you don’t mind)
    I’m a facebook fan too.. YAY..Clean, simple, neat and Miminalistic, I love it.. I’ll NEVER

  4. Five things about God.
    1. He is.
    2. He is our creator/owner
    3. He is the rewarder of those that diligently seek Him.
    4. He is absolutely in Love with me despite the 100 things about me that I would never list on a website.
    5. He wants to us to love Him and others the same way.

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