que es esto?

yeah, i’m watching univision.

i’ve been slipping into spanglish more and more lately, particularly when i’m looking for something or annoyed.  instead of “where is it?” under my breath, i find myself saying “donde esta…?” a lot.

it’s weird.  i like it.  i’m glad that my six years of spanish are worth something.

the reason i stopped is that they were doing an interview with bill richardson, governor of new mexico, who has apparently announced that he, too, is running for president.

it was a good interview, from what i could translate, and told me more about him than i knew.

i’m looking forward to 2008.

anything’s gotta be better than now.

have you heard about this brilliant idea to make taxable the benefits received from your job? the amount, i’m sure, will be entirely fair, despite being arbitrarily and governmentally determined. then, apparently, everybody who has to pay out of pocket for health insurance would get a tax credit.


i shake my head at this.  is bush kissing up to the democrats in order to get them to let him do what he wants in iraq?  it’s like “ooh! look at me! look over here! i’m being magnanimous to the masses! look at the shiny tax credit plan!” while he’s siphoning off more money for a war that we’re not winning.  not that we should just pull out either–it’s a mess. we ought to clean it up.

i’ll admit–i voted for him.  i couldn’t vote for kerry.  i would have voted for edwards, and i would have voted for mccain.

too bad one was out and one was just pretty-boy, southern tag-along baggage for kerry’s wooden and emotionless train to electoral destruction.

yeah, i voted for bush. i’d probably do it again, too.  i have a few hot-button issues that drive me insane. morally, i feel an obligation to ensure that the people that i vote for will stand up for those issues.  just because i voted for him, though, doesn’t mean i don’t get to complain a little.

at least i voted.

but, seriously?  does this guy listen to anyone?

i mean, i think we’ve pretty much exhausted the whole military option in iraq. it’s not working.

but have we really exhausted ALL our resources?  our scholarly ones? maybe we could talk to some people who actually know the middle east.  our diplomatic ones? is there someone else, maybe, besides a woman (i mean, i’m all for chick power, but i’m pretty sure that the fundamentalist muslim community is not going to be all that happy taking orders/negotiating with a woman)?  someone they respect? maybe someone…i don’t know….not American?

but i digress.

i’m looking forward to 2008.  not looking forward to hillary, but certainly to barack, to bill, to milt, to john mccain, to dear country-boy john edwards, and to the scrappy political streetfight that will ensue. the more the merrier. maybe i’ll find someone i actually would like to vote for.

may the scrappiest, smartest, and most moderate win with a mandate from the people.  and may s/he actually listen to his/her advisors and not think that s/he knows everything singlehandedly.

and can we talk about the fact that it’s freaking time for a woman vice president, if not president?

and, please, please, please…can that person NOT be hillary clinton?  oy.  heaven help us all if i have to listen to her pontificate for four years.

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