i’m procrastinating a task right now.

i find it fascinating that i am procrastinating it.  it usually isn’t something that i procrastinate at all. in fact, i think i usually look forward to it.

i think i’m tired, on a lot of levels.

i’m even avoiding my phone.  maybe i’m just antisocial.

my bread turned out well today.  a nice mix of whole wheat and white.  the bread itself even looks a little marbley in places.  it’s good. i ate entirely too much of it.

i’m considering baking cookies next, but i don’t think it will happen.  i don’ t want them in my house, for one thing (see earlier comment about eating entirely too much of the bread), and i can’t face more labor right now.

besides, i have stuff yet to do (visiting teaching routes, to mention just one) and i really just want to go to bed.

wow, this was a boring and whiny blog entry.  my blogs are never poetic like other blogs that i read (you know who you are).  my blogs rarely capture so concretely what i’m thinking and feeling.  i guess i am inhibited, in some ways, by the knowledge that other people are reading it.

i didn’t do that with my 100 items list.  it was a little liberating.

i have nothing more interesting to say.

tomorrow, i hope, will be better.

One Response to “interesting”

  1. Interesting you talk about procrastinatting, but evn doing so, is procrastinating..LOL..Oh God, I’m doing it now.. byt commenting here, instead of being productive..Not so say that reading YOUR blog, or me commenting is a waste of time, I’m just going to stop typing now.

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