things i don’t understand…

so i’ve been thinking a little…

–while i do recognize that it is a tragedy, and i really do feel sad that he had to be euthanized, but why, oh why, is the lead story on nightline the death of barbaro, the horse?  we are at war. we are nearing a presidential election. we have homeless people, health care problems, and a multitude of other social ills that could be discussed.

to me, horses aren’t one of them.  think ill of me if you must, but i just don’t get it.

–is it just me, or are these people on mtv’s my super sweet 16 (or whatever the crap it’s called) just the most ridiculous wasters of money? i watched 2 minutes of an episode yesterday, and it featured a whiny little 15 year old begging her dad for a RED $96,000 JAGUAR.  i shudder.  i literally shudder. i don’t understand what is going through these parents’ mind.  do they really think that this is how to successfully raise contributing members of society?

–why is baking so fun?  and why is it nearly impossible for me to bake without substantially sampling what i have made?

–why, when i am a speed reader, is the reading of theoretical works so slow? i can breeze through a novel, but it’s like slogging through mud to read that stuff.  and i nearly die.  and i have 11 more to go.


all right. enough of this.  enjoy your tuesday, everyone!

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