48 hours

i’m freaking out about the amount of reading i have to do for exams and the amount of time i have to do it in…so i’m exiling myself for 48 hours.

i’m going to try to dive in, move at warp speed, go fast and furious towards putting a serious dent in some seriously important theoretical works.  (i’m now trying to think if i’ve excluded any other hackneyed cliches that might work well here…i can’t think of any)

it’s the sprint time of the race.  seriously.  i’m aiming to have exams done before spring break, which means that i have until february 15th to have my theoretical works read and dissected and analyzed and incorporated into my new and improved prospectus draft.

i can do it. i just may not sleep much.  it frustrated me to no end this morning to realize that i had wasted my morning sleeping.  i don’t try to do it…i just can’t manage to get up.

so i may exile myself to the couch as well, in the hopes that i won’t sleep as well and thus won’t sleep as much.

i may be dead by sunday, but it’s at least a plan.

i think this also might involve not checking facebook or the blog for the 48 hours.  we’ll see.  i love coming back from a long day and seeing that people loved me enough to comment/post.  isn’t that ridiculous?  makes me feel special.

i think i’m going to hole up in the library. i can’t concentrate at the institute. i like too many people and too many people like to infuriate me for sport.  the library is quiet, comparatively, and no one knows where i am.  man, if they had vending machines, i would be set for life because the only problem with long hours in the library is that i get hungry.  wait…aren’t there vending machines outside? oh boy.

i may never return.

2 Responses to “48 hours”

  1. YOu GOTTA return. I need my daily HAHA, or AH HA,.

  2. Hmmm… The library, eh? Perhaps I can find you in there to bother you.

    I fear the day that I will be as busy as you.

    Finally: Prove Andy wrong!

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