words can’t express

i am more happy than i have been in ages.

it’s a gleeful sort of giddy happy, occasioned by a really unexpected surprise from one of the people that i love most on this earth. i am loved.  more than i know.  and it’s nice to be reminded every once in a while.

it was perfectly timed, demonstrating not only how in tune this person is with the spirit, but also how well the Lord knows us and is involved in our lives.  it wouldn’t have meant as much if i had gotten it any other time…

so, perhaps this will temper the temper tantrum that i threw in my earlier post–although i am totally standing by that.  but, lest anyone think i’m manic, i had sort of gotten over that anyways.  life’s too short. but it’s nice to vent.

love, love, love the Lord.  love His timing, even when it annoys me.  love, love, love His tender mercies.

life is good.


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