like a vulture

she hasn’t been dead more than 48 hours, and already the unfortunate limelight-loving family members of the deeply tragic anna nicole smith are circling the talk shows, claiming to know something about her life.

i find it deeply hilarious that a mother who wasn’t even claimed by the daughter she is supposedly mourning now would know anything whatsoever about her life for the past years.

i sometimes hate our culture, how in its clamor for “news” it allows the lowest common denominator of society to crawl out from their proverbial rocks and claim their 15 seconds of 24-hour-news-cycle fame.  it reminds me of that joke that’s been around as long as i have, asking why it is when there’s a tornado or a hurricane the only people featured on the news are those who seem to represent a particular facet of the population–usually the ignorant or, in the comedian’s words, the toothless woman in pink rollers.

don’t get me wrong. i am not equating toothless women in pink rollers with these vultures.  the toothless woman, for all i care, can be on the news as long as she wants. if she has something legitimate to offer, and she’s not getting anything out of it, more power to her.

but this mother…boy.  it just makes my blood boil.

in other news, apparently my blog is so interesting that it’s getting emailed to somebody.

can i tell you how much that freaks me out?

i am such a walking contradiction. i wanted the blog to take off, but all of the sudden i’m realizing that i’m on blogrolls all over the place and didn’t even realize it.  i am becoming popular…even in the blog world.

surreal weirdness.

don’t people GET that i’m a total dork?!?

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