more information than you could possibly have wanted to know…

…and if you have a blog, i dare you to do it yourself. i am currently at work, bored but unwilling to begin studying when i’m leaving in an hour. so, instead, i’ll entertain myself (and maybe you…) with 135 questions that i’m going answer.

1. Do you like having your picture taken?

sometimes. mainly now, yes, but i always reserve the right to approve or disapprove the photo. i love the digital world.

2. Have you ever done a photo shoot, professional or non?

yeah. senior year. it was fun. i’d like to do it again.

3. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

england. paris. italy. i would go to england because, honestly, i’d really love to be able to see all of the places i’ve only read about. paris–because it’s cool. italy? because i’ve always wanted to go to florence and to see all of the marvelous art.

4. Who would you take with you on this adventure?

ooh. tough question. um, i’d like to say my mom, but she’ll tell you she’s a terrible traveler. i would say my best friend to italy, because he’s been there before. paris and england? probably some girl friends.

all of this would be trumped if i could find a man interested in marrying me. 🙂 i would definitely take him.

5. What would you say is the most daring thing to do in a lifetime?

live life without regrets. do what’s risky and say how you feel so that you don’t have to look back and wish you had. that, i think, is that hardest and boldest way to live.

6. Would you ever do that?

i have been trying. i’m still working on it.

7. Have you ever done crossword puzzles?

heck yes.

8. Ever actually completed one?

<>heck yes. more often than not.

<> 9. Pick up the closest book and write a sentence at random from it.

<>”when we look at country houses today we are struck, not by the spectacle of bare ruined choirs, but by all the signs of a lively and resilient industry.” _the englishman’s england_ pg. 59

10. Do the same with either a CD or a lyric from the radio.

i don’t have access to those here, so the song in my head will have to do. “i’m holding on to my father’s love and my mother’s faith in God above.”

11. Have you ever tried to analyze your own dreams?

heck yes. i have a dream dictionary site’s address memorized for that precise reason. it can help. i’m also a fan of freud’s philosophy of the dream work.
12. Would you put up posters in your room?

sure. i have a few van gogh posters.
13. Can you sing?

14. Do you ever sing to yourself while doing every day tasks?

yes. frequently. why? is that weird?

15. What’s your favorite color of post-it note?

the deep blue ones.

16. How many cassette tapes do you own?

a few, i suppose–holdovers from pre-CD world.

17. How many CDs do you own?

i would say about 70. that’s just a guesstimate.

18. Ever bought a CD just for one song?

yes, and it bit me in the butt. terribly crude, the rest of the songs. threw the cd away.

19. What would your perfect day consist of?

wow. hard question. i think it would be spending time with the people who love me the most and understand me, laughing and doing silly things like going to movies or playing on the swings. a day without stress and a day where there’s complete freedom to be exactly who you are.

20. Have you ever lied to get off the phone or out of talking to someone online?

lied? i don’t think so.

21. Have you ever written a survey?

yes, actually.

22. How about a song? If so, share it.


23. Or maybe a poem? If so share it or one of them.

yes, but no way. they’re old, angsty girl poems. and they’re all at home.

24. Is your VCR flashing 12:00 all the time?

uhm, no. my clock is set.

25. Do you read your horoscope?


26. If so do you base your day on it?


27. Would you rather chew gum or use mouthwash, and why?

chew gum. mouthwash…i don’t know. it’s creepy a little.

28. Do you floss?

not as often as i should. i heard someone compare flossing to dusting. i think i do it about as often as i dust. it’s bad, i know. whatever.

29. Are you addicted to Napster like me?

uhm, no. (how old IS this thing?!?)

30. How many times a year (about) are you sick?


31. Ever been in an airplane?

yes. numerous times.

32. If so, where were you flying to?

most recently? new york city.

33. What radio station do you listen to most?

i am a surfer. there is no most often with me.

34. What color are your shoes?


35. Was Fuzzy Wuzzy a bear?

sure. a bald bear, but a bear. just in the midst of an identity crisis, that’s all.

36. Do you know how to play Dominos?

not really, unless by play you mean line them up and knock them down.

37. Or do you think I just mean pizza by that?

no, i’m not an idiot. thank you very much.

38. Speaking of pizza, what’s your favorite kind?

frozen: digiorno. they have the best sauce.

fresh: papa john’s barbeque chicken pizza with pineapple. oh so very yummy.

39. What color are your eyes?

hazel. green when i cry.

40. How many surveys have you filled out this lifetime?

pfft. who knows. too many.

41. Describe your bedroom. Include all details.

that’s creepy. it has a bed and too many bookshelves. my nightstand is overflowing with books. other details? no chance.

42. Name one person your life is made better by.

too many to name just one. if you know me in person and aren’t routinely rude and/or inconsiderate (i can think of a few here…), you make my life better.

43. Would you or have you ever shaved your head?

shaved half my head. would/will shave my head if i ever have to have chemo. i’m not a big believer in just letting it all fall out. forget that. i’m taking control.

44. How about someone else’s?

this is one of the things that i really, really want to do. is that weird?

45. Can you do math with ease?

pfft. no.

46. What size is your computer screen?

like 15 inches? i don’t know.

47. If you could only talk to one person online who would it be?

too hard. right now? like, people available to talk right now? probably my friend laura. our online conversations have been really important to me. but i rarely have frivolous online conversations. they’re all fun and important to me.

48. Name your favorite type of music and why?

i am too eclectic to have a favorite. right now, alternative is the leader.

49. Are you a vegetarian?

no. carrie likes the meat.

50. How about an aspiring actor/actress?

no. i already feel bad enough about myself. why would i want 50 million people critiquing every aspect of my life and behavior?

51. What famous person, dead or alive, would you interview if you had the chance?

non-religious? jane austen.

religious (besides the Savior?): mary the mother of jesus.

52. Which movie can you watch and say the lines along with the actors?

clue. steel magnolias.

53. Name one of your passions in life.


54. What is your least favorite time of day?

early morning.

55. Who is your favorite member in a band (singer, guitar, bass, drummer…) and why?

i like jon bonjovi. he’s pretty.

56. Do you use hairspray or gel?

both, when necessary.

57. Describe your favorite meal.

ribs and chicken at outback, with my mom.

58. What color is the inside of your head when you close your eyes?

uhm, black? i don’t understand this question.

59. Ever listen to classical music?

bah. only when i have to. well, that’s not true. but i rarely like classical. it usually puts me to sleep.

60. Have you ever said LOL in real life without thinking about it?

no. i like real words.

61. Do you find you use Internet language when writing notes IRL?

no. see above comment about words.

62. What songs would be on your ideal CD?

pour some sugar on me by def leppard

at last by etta james

you’re not alone by michael mclean

it ends tonight by all american rejects

heroin by something corporate

my wish by rascall flatts

irreplaceable by beyonce

want to by sugarland

don’t take the girl by tim mcgraw

dead or alive by bonjovi

welcome to the jungle by guns n roses

all my life by k-ci and jo jo

come thou fount of every blessing by ?

63. Say one thing you learned today.

i am smarter than i think i am when talking to students. and i use big words without noticing.

64. What is the best present you’ve ever given someone else?

the stuff i’ve made–scrapbook, crossstitch, letter packet

65. What is the best present someone else has ever given you?

wow. hard question. too hard.

66. So hey, what’s your full name?

no chance.

67. Describe yourself while drunk.

never been. never will be, so can’t answer this.

68. How big are the windows in your house?

small, and in the singular. i have one window in my tiny apartment. i guess it’s pretty large considering.

69. Do you wear a watch?

not routinely.

70. What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done with someone else?

nothing…me and kinky don’t go together.

71. What’s the largest age difference between you and someone you’ve dated?

i believe age difference invigorates. i like age difference.

72. How many mirrors do you have?

i don’t know. like three?

73. Write one sentence you want people to say about you once you’ve passed on.

she made me feel loved and i loved her.

74. Have you ever sailed?


75. How fast can you run?

not fast. never have been able to run fast. talk fast? yes. run fast? no. we all have our gifts.

76. What do you believe in?

the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. the power of a smile. the reality of Heavenly Father’s hand in my life, directing it. true love. friendship that can transcend any obstacle, any distance, any difference. sometimes, myself. most of the time, other people.
77. How long does it take you to get ready to go out?

depends on what i’m doing. anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

78. Do you shower daily?


79. What one thing would you change in your life if you had the power to do so?

deep answer: i would believe in myself more, recognizing that what other people see and love is really there.

shallow answer: i would lose weight easier and without so much effort.

80. Describe the ideal superpower and what you would do if you had it.

ideal superpower? i think teleporting. i would go home whenever i needed to and still have a life here. i could go anywhere in a minute. it would be awesome.

81. Are candles romantic or a fire hazard?

romantic, unless you’re stressed and go out leaving them burning.

82. Name something you’ve done in the last 24 hours, no matter how big or small.

i finished a book for my dissertation. i did the dishes. i tutored five people.

83. Do you wear necklaces/bracelets/anklets/earrings/rings?

i always wear a CTR ring on my right hand. i’m almost always wearing earrings. necklaces, not always but sometmes.

84. What colors are you wearing right now?

black and white and blue stripes, denim, and black. green shoes.

85. How often do you change the sheets on your bed?

depends on the laundry schedule.

86. Have you ever gotten lost? If so, explain.

heck yes. i got lost in the ghettos of durham, nc one late night. no fun. i think we’ve all gotten metaphorically lost as well. there were a few months when i really didn’t know what to do with my life. they were no fun at all. never felt so helpless or so without direction.

87. What’s on your computer desk?

everything known to man. it is a heaping pile of chaos that resembles my life.

88. How many folders are on your desktop at the present moment?

five, i think.

89. When you’re talking do you ever use your hands in the air to do quotation marks of certain words?

sometimes. not often.

90. Which landmark would you climb if you could?

eiffel tower. that one’s easy.

91. Do you own or have you read or thought of reading any self help books?


92. Ever seriously questioned your sanity?

no. not really.

93. Can you break-dance?


94. What’s in your fridge right now?

some leftovers that need to be thrown away. a bunch of sliced turkey. bread. milk. eggs. some fruit. a whole bunch of condiments. carrots. some more leftovers that could be eaten, actually. yogurt. pudding.

95. How many people do you live with?

just me.

96. Have you or would you ever do anything more than kiss in a public area?

no. that’s just nasty.

97. What is the strangest thing you’ve ever done?

i don’t know. if i did it, why would it be strange to me?

98. Name an instrument you’ve never played but would like to.

drums. that one’s easy. the girl drummers were always the cool ones.

99. Have you ever been on TV or the radio?


100. What is the worst thing anyone could ever do to you?

make me open up to them, completely, and then betray that.

101. Are you a fast typer?

heck yes.

102. How high have you counted before getting bored?


103. Describe how you sleep.

i can’t fall asleep unless i’m on my back. i’m not sure why. after that, it’s a free for all. i tend to kick off my covers and move around a lot.

104. Are you straight/bi/gay?

completely straight.

105. Do you ever do something else while on the computer? If so, what?

i’m often watching tv. sometimes talking on the phone.

106. What is the most expensive item you own?

outright? my computer. in process? my car.

107. How about the least expensive?

oh wow. i don’t know. the clothes i got for free, i guess?

108. What’s your favorite card game to play?

mafia, followed by gin, i guess.

109. What do you do online?

research. facebook. email. blog. sometimes shop (amazon and i are on good terms).

110. Name some stores you’ve bought clothes in before.

the gap. old navy. jcpenney. i shop where the sales are.

111. Have you ever read a book and not understood it? If so, which one?

sure. i will draw your attention to any book written by michel foucault.

112. Have you ever watched a movie and not understood it? If so, which one?

that happens less often. sometimes i don’t understand how they could have ever been made, but that’s different.

113. Do you think people pick up your slang language more than you pick up theirs?

not a chance. i am a language mooch.

114. Are you easily influenced by other people or current trends?

that’s a hard one. i like keeping up with trends, but i rarely follow them without thinking it through. so, easily influenced? maybe?

115. What makes you unique (in your own opinion)?

i have a phenomenal sense of humor (and can laugh at myself) and a strange combination of sassiness and vulnerability.

116. Name your worst quality.

jealous insecurity.

117. Name your best.

i love with my whole heart. i do everything with my whole heart.

118. What would you like to do with your life?

finish my doctorate. be a professor. be a wife and a mom. that’s not necessarily in order.

119. Do you blow-dry your hair?


120. How many clocks are in your house?


121. Are they all set at the same time?

no. not at all.

122. Have you ever intentionally set a clock ahead or behind the correct time?

yes. my alarm clock is ahead 15 minutes.

123. What do you think about when you first wake up in the morning?

usually, how late i am.

124. Which browser do you use?


125. Do you bite your nails?


126. Would you ever leave little notes to your gf/bf?

sure. isn’t that what facebook walls and text messages are? but, yeah, i’d do it with real paper too. i’m a note person.

127. Ever been to a farm?


128. Tell me about your dream last night.

one of the scariest professors in my department was picking apart my dissertation. and she’s not even on my committee.

anxiety dream, anyone?

129. Ever seen a shooting star?

yes! so cool!

130. Say one thing about yourself you’ve never told anyone.

i don’t know that there’s anything that i haven’t told ANYONE.

131. Do your days fly by or seem to last forever?

depends on the day. fridays seem to go on forever because i work. some days fly by.

132. Are things as bad as they seem?not at all. thanks for reminding me of that.

133. Describe the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you.

wow. mainly, it’s been the random acts of kindness or unexpected love that have really impacted me the most. my best friend did a few things before he left that were pretty amazing, demonstrating how important i was. on days when no one knew how lame i felt, people will say the most extraordinarily kind things to me. sometimes it’s just people noticing that i’m stressed or having a bad day that matter.

mainly, people just following the Spirit and caring are the kindest things that have been done for me.

134. Who do you miss?

this depends on the day. my family, especially my mom, a lot. my best friend, a ton and a half, especially when i’m stressed out. my grandma a lot too–but that separation will be for a lot longer

135. Say something else about yourself you’ve never told anyone before.

well, i guess it matters to me whether or not my blog is popular, but i’m also really frightened about who’s reading this. i have no idea, and that scares me a little that some people that i think DON’T know me actually do.

or that i am more transparent than i seem.

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