my sleep rebellion

i would write about something meaningful, but i don’t want to. i’m rebelling against that, against the fact that i really should be reading or sleeping right now…

so more meaningless fluff. indulge if you so choose on your own blog.

A-ACT YOUR AGE:  not hardly.  i am told i don’t look a day over 23, and i think i probably act about 23–except when my wisdom and great advice kicks in.

B-BOYFRIEND:  nope.  i wish!  i really think i’m ready right now.

C-CHORE YOU HATE:  dishes.  i really, really hate them.  it’s frustrating to me how they never end.
D-DAD’S NAME:   does it matter?  donald.
E-ESSENTIAL MAKE UP/TOILETRY ITEM:  makeup?  foundation, i guess, although i think lip gloss makes everything else look better because i have a good mouth.  toiletry? i love vanilla-scented lotion. anyone who knows me knows that.

F-FAVE ACTOR/ACTRESS:  actress? i don’t really have one.  actor? jimmy stewart. easy.

G-GOLD OR SILVER:  silver. always.  when i get married, i want a white gold ring because i dislike gold that much. i just look better in silver.

H-HOMETOWN:  raleigh, nc by way of bakersfield and los angeles, ca

I-INSTRUMENTS YOU PLAY: used to be the flute.

J-JOB TITLE:   instructor/teaching assistant/tutor

K-KIDS:   nope. i’d like to have five, though–with at least three boys.  and i’d like the boys first.

L-LIVING ARRANGEMENTS: by myself, at least until fall.

M-MOM’S NAME: susan.  she’s my hero.

N-# OF PEOPLE YOU’VE SLEPT WITH: 0. i say it loud and proud.


P-PHOBIA:  escalators. frogs in my house.

Q-QUOTE YOU LIKE:   “be who you are and say how you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

R-RELIGIOUS AFFILIATION:  lds.  i’m a mormon!

S-SIBLINGS: also 0.

T-TIME YOU WAKE UP: as late as possible.  it varies from day to day.

U – UNIQUE HABIT: hmm.  hard question.  i sort of have to put chapstick on before bed now.  is that unique?


W-WORST HABIT: procrastination.

X-X-RAYS YOU’VE HAD: dental (obviously).  hand.  knee. lungs (multiple times).  back, i think.  shoulders, maybe?

Y-YUMMY FOOD YOU MAKE:   bread.  i make good bread. i bake very well.

Z-ZODIAC SIGN:  libra.

enough of this ridiculousness.  i’m going to bed.

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