in case this was unclear…

i welcome readers.  welcome! my blog is my little piece of the world, the place where i get to express my thoughts freely.

you are welcome to disagree with me.  you are welcome to even express that via comments–kindly and constructively. i’ve had people call me nuts before, tell me i’m overreacting, etc.  that’s fine.

but don’t condescend to me. don’t act as if you’re somehow better than me.  don’t snark at the fact that i blog.  it’s just uninteresting and i don’t need anything else or anyone else riding my case.  real life is stressful enough.

so, if you’d like to stick around, brava.  welcome.  just know that this is my house, and common decency says that you ought to demonstrate some manners when you’re here.

to the vast majority of the regular readers that i have–thanks for being supportive and kind and great sounding boards.  don’t think that this is directed at you–it’s not.  just a time for me to be a little bit clear about what will and won’t happen on this blog.

happy sunday!

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