countdown update

in the 36 hours since i last wrote,  i have read and summarized in annotated bibliography fashion 6 academic articles (about 15-20 pages each, some of which i had read before but read completely again) and 1 full-size book (also that i had read before).

i rock.

no, actually, the Lord’s tender mercies rock. i have no idea how i did that, except that it’s a miracle.

but my brain is now dead. i worship sundays for the rest that they give me and my noggin.

i meet with my director on monday at 3:30 to see if she thinks i’m ready (enough) at this point to schedule oral exams. i am hoping that, since by monday afternoon, i will have (maybe) written annotations for the 19 of my 27 works and will have a completely brilliant and revised (for the third time) prospectus, she’ll give me the go ahead.

i’m excited now. i’m excited to finish. it must be how runners feel on the last lap–that digging deep, that reaching down and findng out what you’re really made of.

apparently, i’m made of the ability to read and write. that’s okay by me.

i’m actually really excited.

but, as i mentioned, my brain is a little dead right now. i had thought that i would study until 12, when the Sabbath begins, but i don’t think that’s going to happen.

so, instead, i’ll clean. it’s better than wasting time, which is what i do when my brain is dead.

hooray for me! hooray for sunday with no work! hooray for the opportunity to read something NOT about british romanticism! hooray for naps for as long as i want!


wish me luck? i dive back in monday at like 4:30 a.m.


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