why am i flashing back to high school?

so the prospectus (version 3.0–which elicited a “brava!” from my director) and the reading list have been sent, via email, to the rest of the committee.

and now i’m having a john hughes moment, where all of my horribly awkward high school moments are all converging in these moments (and who knows how long they’ll be) of horrible anticipation.  will they like it? will they throw up a giant red flag?  will they say i should have been talking to them long before this because my project is crap?

or will they really like it? and me?

argh.  horrible what we go through for three little letters after our names.  is it worth it?

heck yes.  but it still sucks quite a lot in the process.

in other news, my progress has been deeply stifled. i don’t know what happened. i think, when i got up monday and finished the draft for my meeting with my director and felt good about it, my mind translated that into “ooh. we’re done.”

we’re so far from done.

but my body and my brain aren’t really cooperating me on that front.  they think we don’t need to work hard because exams aren’t until after spring break–but, ironically, the deadline for all the work to be DONE is only two days later.  apparently committees need two weeks to read annotated bibliographies.  sheesh.  don’t they drop everything for me?

so, in the spirit of full disclosure, i’m exactly where i was on saturday night–five books and three articles to read.   but my prospectus is DONE until i hear back from the committee and so is my reading list.  i need to read about walking, literature, and english culture, but all i want to do is sleep.

ugh.  no sleep.  must. keep. working.

i’m seriously waiting for the miracle, but in order for the miracle to happen, i have to start moving.  so, i’m off to put one foot in front of the other, metaphorically.

ha.  funny. i’m reading about walking and my metaphor is about…

oh. never mind.

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