lessons from the “duh!” files

so sleep really does make you smarter. and sugar ultimately makes tiredness worse.
the last few days have been rough. you saw the results of the early part of that challenging period in the last post–meltdown carrie is never pleasant. luckily, few people actually experience it.  let’s just say there was crying and a deep desire to find a corner to rock back and forth in.

then i proceeded to eat insane amounts of sugar (i don’t drink caffeine, and i was hoping to keep myself up with a sugar rush) and stay up in an attempt to get things done.

not a good move, although i did get some stuff done.

but by wednesday night, at about 10:45, when i had slept about seven hours in the past 48 (which sounds like a lot, but this from a girl who needs to get at least 7 every night to really function well) and had crashed, seriously, from all of the sugar, i was not doing well.

i was about five minutes behind everyone else: not getting simple jokes, not hearing or comprehending other people, sinking quickly into myself.  after my plans for sleeping for four hours on the couch were thwarted by two phone calls at 11:30, i couldn’t sleep.

i can’t explain how frustrating that is–when you’re SO tired that your eyes hurt and your brain no longer works, and yet your mind won’t turn off.  i was praying for strength and guidance, and after i read a chapter and finally got sleepy, i just keep feeling like i should just GO TO SLEEP.

it didn’t make any logical sense. i needed to work. i needed the time, i thought.  i needed to pull another all-nighter.

nope. i needed to sleep.

so i crashed, on my bed this time, for like six hours. and when i woke up, i was a different person.

so my lesson from the “duh!” files?

sleep is necessary to brilliance.

and i am too old to pull this whole sleeping only three hours in 72.  heaven help me when i have a baby–i’m going to seriously need nap time.

so i’m better tonight. i’m still behind, but i have more hope now than i have in days, a direct correlation, i believe, to the amount of sleep i’ve had.

back to work–another book to read and a couple of annotated bibliography entries to do before i sleep again.  but i’m ready for it.

bring it on.

wow, am i looking forward to saturday morning, when i can literally leave behind all of this work.  hooray!


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