rainy days, sweatshirts, and big bowls of general tso’s

i was going to title this “rainy days and mondays” after that annoying (but true, in some ways) 70s song that says they always get us down. 

but it’s not true.

today it’s raining–and i mean REALLY raining–in north carolina. and it’s hecka cold. yesterday it was in the mid to upper 70s? today? 40s. 

yeah, and we wonder why people get sick so often in the transitional time between seasons.

but here, in this home that i love and feel safe in, hanging out with my mom for a week and spending the day today trying (successfully, i am happy to report) to finish the last book for the written first draft of my phd qualifying exams, everything is good.

i am happy, rested, and feeling good about things in general. i miss florida sunshine and i desperately wish i had had some beach time this week, but this…this confluence of sweatshirts, shopping, hugh grant movies, sleeping until 11 a.m. with no guilt, chinese food, and baking banana bread and shortcake was exactly what i needed. 

i am not ready to come home, in the sense that i am not ready for the intellectual sprint that will comprise next week’s workload.  but i am ready–oh, boy, am i ready–for march 27th to get here.

i’m ready to be done, to shift my focus, to get back to some of the things that i want to do (like exercise! i KNOW–it’s shocking) that i haven’t had time to work into my life thus far. 

but here, today, sitting on the sunporch with no sun at all, watching the birds eat seed in the middle of the last of the winter storms, i am happy.  give me the chinese food that will come later, and bliss may be approached. 

i am glad. 


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