why this week rocks and sucks at the same time

i spent my first day in orlando as a temple worker today. i LOVE it.  it’s amazing. i think that i could easily be addicted. and i’m pretty excited that i am accomplishing yet another thing on my list of things i want to do before i die. i totally understand why all of these little old couples spend so much time working there. there’s nothing like it–going to the temple is awesome enough, but being able to be there with the only intent of making a patron’s experience better?

that’s awesome.  i love it. i can’t wait until saturday.

and it’s amazing how much the world lifts off of you when you’re in the temple for hours at a time.  i find it really interesting that i felt perfectly find when i was in the temple, but the minute that i left, i got a headache and was exhausted.  when i woke up from my necessary nap (i only got 3 1/2 hours of sleep last night–it’s amazing i didn’t die on the highway), i had the worst headache i’ve had in ages.  it seems metaphorical to me–the weight of the world hindering my ability to deal well with life.  it’s so true.

in other news, i got a letter from my best friend. that also makes this week awesome. i love letters.

i also met with my director yesterday and she basically told me that i am in good shape to pass my exams. actually, my direct question was “i’m not going to walk in there and fail, am i?” and she sort of laughed at me and said “no.”

good news!  it’s amazing how non-stressed i am. i actually need to be more stressed. i have a lot more reading to do and not very much time to do it in.  oh well. i’ll get there. i always do.

this craziness–the end of the craziness related to exams–is what’s making this week suck.  that, plus the fact that i’m feeling rather inept in my calling and a great weighty feeling of responsibility about that ineptness. i have a plan. i’m doing my best to change things, but it’s still hard. i want to show love for everyone, but sometimes it’s hard when you feel like it’s rebuffed. i don’t like rejection.  i don’t love feeling stymied in my attempts to do what i think is right.  but i’ll keep trying until the Lord tells me to stop.  and even then…i might keep trying.

thank heavens, the migraine is abating.  it may be because i am sitting in a dark room, but i think it might be the excedrin migraine i took.  i am grateful for that.  it’s amazing how the small and simple things become so incredibly important.  i love those little pills.

in case you don’t know it, those of you who i know and love, you are awesome. thanks for being my friends.  i don’t say it enough, or show it in the important ways, but i am so grateful for you.  you fill my life, which could otherwise be grey and boring, with color and life.  thank you for that.

have a great week, everyone!

One Response to “why this week rocks and sucks at the same time”

  1. I hope you continue to have a great time in Orlando and such. Good luck with the examies.. You can do it..

    Watch the sleepless driving young lady.. You will not look good as roadkill. 🙂

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