two bare feet on the dashboard

so summer’s almost here.  have you ever noticed that summers, or particular times of fun and frolic, have a soundtrack and a smell? the most amazing summer ever–last summer–has a soundtrack of country music and the smell of coconut lime verbena lotion and salt water.

i’m planning on killing that summer with the fun i’ll have this summer.

to that end, i’ve compiled a little list of things i want to accomplish this summer. perhaps it’s a pragmatic way to go about it, but it’s what i did last year (in my head), and look how that turned out?

so, if you live here and want to join in the frolic, let’s do it! let’s rock the list out!  and let’s add to it!

from april to august, i want to:

•    exercise five times a week, no matter how hot it is

•    pick strawberries MYSELF

•    go fishing and camping, possibly not together, but both at the beach

•    go to at least one concert

•    road trip! (to where?!?)

•    average one trip to the beach per month (total of AT LEAST four)

•    go to a UF baseball game

•    go bowling and crack 125

•    see the bats again and get deliciously freaked out

•    gator hunting at Paynes Prairie at night

•    playgrounding

•    have at least one barbeque

•    host at least two game nights, one including Cranium and one including Pictionary

•    float down another river (with better innertubes!)

•    arrange a night of photo scavenger hunting (ward activity?)

•    go to the Family History Center at least twice to get names ready

•    go see 4th of July fireworks instead of sitting like a lump


3 Responses to “two bare feet on the dashboard”

  1. Sapphire Says:

    so pretty much I love that song. I downloaded it and made my country hating roommates listen to it when I read this. also, I won’t be here for the summer but I should be back the 4th or whenever to move in and whatever has not been accomplished by then, we will definitely work on. :o)

  2. That all sounds fantastic!! We have to camp at either Fernandina or St. Augustine, they are both fantastic, but soon before we swelter. We have to float down the Itchentucknee, it is much better than Rainbow. In YW/YM we use to do a video scavenger hunt every year and they were always the best. We should definitely get that together. BBQ at my place, new patio! I’ve never seen the bats! UF baseball games are fun. We need to do that soon before it gets too hot. Beach, beach, beach, April 9th yes?

  3. 1st.. I love Cranium.. Completely and totally awesome game.

    Here’s some cool things.
    –Paint something
    — Get a good tan
    — Read a book on the beach or under a tree with a cool breeze
    –Amusement PARK…HELLO

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