welcome to titletown, suckas!

we won. oh yeah, we did.

<><> and we went down to university avenue and partied it up with the drunken masses. WE weren’t drunk, which is possibly why we didn’t find standing around smashed like a sardine quite as invigorating as others did, but it was still fun. here’s a pic from the madness:<>

it was fun.  and then wednesday we went to the beach.

and now i’m freaking exhausted. i can’t manage to muster any real energy for anything.  i’m sure it’s a result of eating more sugar than most third-world countries import in a year in the last two weeks (veronica’s banana bars should be BANNED!), but i’m tired.  so tired.  i’m sunburned–that’s probably part of it–but i think the weight of what i’ve been going through the last few months–the sheer insanity of it all–has finally hit me.

the adrenaline has definitely worn off. i’m just trying to put one foot in front of the other, take my vitamin c, and get stuff done.  i’m grateful for a quiet easter that’s coming up. mot people are gone, so a few of us will play some games and then on sunday i’ll likely nap like it’s going out of style.

but before that?

i party!  it’s the gator pep rally tonight. maybe i can muster some “IT’S GREAT TO BE A FLORIDA GATOR!” energy for that. i’m sure i can.

and, the title? i really want a shirt that says that.  3 titles in 2 years?they should change the “welcome to gainesville” sign to “welcome to titletown, suckas.  if you’ve come to play, prepare to lose.”

it rocks to live here.

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