distance is nothing to a dreamer


i love this cartoon–i love it so much. it makes perfect sense to me, and it speaks to my soul. i often dream about the people i love, the people i’m thinking about. i had never thought of it in quite this way before.

i have been missing people lately. i have been missing my best friend especially, but also my family. i guess it’s been the whole exam process. i was a basketcase there at the end, freaking out and feeling like i was never going to get through it. and don’t get me wrong–my friends here were A-MAZING. completely and totally had my back, in ways that i didn’t even expect. i had so many prayers, so much encouragement–they were my substitute family, and i will be forever grateful. and then i got to celebrate with good friends, and i’m sure that i will celebrate hugely when i go home for a brief stint in may.

but there’s something about the people that really get you, you know? on the day of my exam, before i went in there, all i really wanted was a big hug from my mom and a big hug from my best friend, because those were the things that i knew would carry me through.

instead, i got the peace of the spirit from my heavenly father, and the knowledge that the people that loved me most were really pulling for me from wherever they were.

it was an awesome alternative to what i thought i wanted, and probably better in the long run.

i’ve been a little bit down lately, a little bit at a loss. i suppose it makes sense, given the stress and mayhem of these past few months. but, still, i am not quite sure where to go from here–with my dissertation proposal, with my calling in the relief society, with anything. i feel very much like, rather than taking big bounding steps into the unknown like i was earlier, i am taking thoughtful and perhaps timid steps instead. i’m not sure that’s bad. i think it might be good, because i am trying to do the things that i know i am supposed to do.

it’s working pretty well so far. i need to remember to have some confidence in myself, though. that’s what makes the difference. i forget that sometimes.

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