today, we are all hokies

i have been affected by the virginia tech tragedy in much the same way, i would imagine, as many of the college students and faculty around the country have.

it could have been us.

there’s a universality in academia that we pride ourselves on, i think.  a student is a student, and while we may claim our colors and mascots and defend them fiercely on the field of sports and spirit battle, we are all the same.

we are far too addicted to our email, facebook, and text messages.  we don’t get enough sleep, and we eat terribly.  some party too much and have the pictures to prove it.  we love our friends, who become the surrogate family that replaces the people who are too far away.  we make goals and work hard and envision a future filled with promise.

so when something like this comes–something so senseless, so seemingly random, so horrific–it hits deep in every heart.

Norris Hall became any hall on any campus–any place where many students could take a class from a teacher passionate about the subject–and those classrooms became any classrooms.   those students and teachers lost became our community’s loss as well.  the world of academia is suddenly smaller today–and every institution has become one with virginia tech.

today, we are all hokies–in every good way and in every bad way.

i am horrified and filled with sorrow.  i feel helpless and wish there was more that i could do.  i am doing what i can, in filling my heart with prayer and good wishes not only for the friends, family, and community of the victims but also for those who must now work to put the campus and community back together again after the shattering tragedy that occurred yesterday.

but it doesn’t feel like it’s enough.  i wish that there was more that i could do.

to that end, i pass on this link, which expresses this universality and loyalty more than i ever could.  vt, you’re not alone.

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