what i’ve done with the last week of my life

watch tv.

that’s pretty much it.

i mean, i’ve done some other stuff. i went to a softball game for my mom’s office. that was good times.  made me realize that being a gator fan has made me fairly rabid in cheering. i like the sassy, so that was a nice surprise.  i’ve done some laundry.  you know, the usual. 

but mainly, i’ve been sucking the TiVo dry.

and i’ve loved it.

i watched the ultimate betrayal on survivor and was thrilled to see the guy get NOTHING (if by nothing you mean $100,000 instead of a million).  i’ve caught up on the ultimate coyote ugly search. i’m pretty much on pins and needles about that one.  *read sarcasm here*  i finished a season (or cycle–sheesh, how pretentious can a show about idiot supermodels be?) of america’s next top model without caring much who won.  that was a first.  i experienced the end of gilmore girls–i think they did a pretty good job.  i feel like loose ends are tied up, though predictably and rather pedantically.  caught up on medium.  found ace of cakes–which is now my secret pleasure because, honestly, it’s what i wish i was talented enough to do.  marveled that they would cut tabatha from shear genius when she’s so bloody brilliant, but cheered that tyson went with her.  watched the season ending of the office–good, funny, up to par–and of grey’s anatomy–just for the sheer cultural capital it gives me and the fact that i could, and it was lame and predictable and convinces me that i need not EVER watch that show again.  watched the penultimate episode of lost.  meh. it was good. best thing about it were the charlie flashbacks, which david accurately noted were actually happy rather than a carnival of familial dysfunction like they usually are.  worst thing was the wimpy juliet.  lame.  she just bugs me now.  bah.

you know, the more i write the more pathetic i sound.

but actually, considering the fact that my first publication as an academic stems directly from my avid TV watching–and analysis–i probably need not feel badly about my habits.  i love TV–even bad TV.  it makes me happy. it kills a boring day.  it lets me do other things while also feeling like i’m not alone in my house. latch-key kid syndrome, i suppose. but since i am a serious pop culture savant–seriously, test me–it also keeps me feeling like my finger is on the pulse of American culture.

sometimes i think that culture is coding, but nevertheless…it’s ours.

and because i’m home, i get satellite, which means i get BBC America…and that means Trinny and Susannah and Gordon Ramsay…that makes me ever so happy.  much as i love Clinton and Stacy, they spend too much time doing all that they do. has america never heard of a half hour reality show?  oy.

vacation days are great. 

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