i have better things to say…but i can’t say them yet

so until i find a way to articulate them (or the courage to do so in such a public setting), here you go.  thanks to my roomie sapphire for the idea and for her willingness to let me steal it.

100 things i love, part 1 (of 4):

  1. cats on my lap.
  2. my family, around the dinner table, joking and snarking and laughing.
  3. mint oreos.
  4. feeling beautiful, for it is a rare thing.
  5. being the center of attention on my own terms.
  6. target.
  7. sitting in the hairdresser’s chair.
  8. rollercoasters.
  9. listening to the waves.
  10. giraffes.
  11. my mom.
  12. the freedom i feel to sing at the top of my lungs in the car by myself.
  13. books.
  14. the temple.
  15. summer nights just after the sun goes down.
  16. painting the 34th street wall.
  17. taking silly pictures.
  18. dairy queen blizzards.
  19. my eyes and their crazy color-changing effect.
  20. flip flops.
  21. the fact that my nails always look good, no matter what i do or don’t do to them.
  22. TiVo.
  23. being competitive.
  24. pizza for breakfast.
  25. my birthday!

2 Responses to “i have better things to say…but i can’t say them yet”

  1. I always wanted to pay the 34th St. wall . . . Well really I always wanted someone to paint a message for me on it . . . Oh well =). Just thought I would “relate” . . . haha!

  2. by the way that was *paint not “pay”

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