part 2

26. the feel of clean sheets.

27. the little stuffed lamb that i sleep with, raggedy as it is.

28. sleeping late with no guilt (something that doesn’t happen very often anymore).

29. answered prayers being clear to me. they are miracles.

30. raspberries. blueberries. blackberries.

31. holding my grandma’s hand. i have good memories and sad memories of that, but i love them all.

32. the gospel of Jesus Christ.

33. witty quips, especially when they come out of my mouth unexpectedly but with perfect timing.

34. school supplies–notebooks, pens, paper, the smell of new vinyl, the sales, the whole sections in stores, the whole thing.

35. wedge heels.

36. fall leaves on maple trees.

37. my dream of going to europe. it may never happen, but i still hold it dear.

38. teaching, especially in those moments when i know i’m doing it well.

39. frozen eggrolls, the world’s most perfect food.

40. being confident enough to be me with no regrets or fears.

41. facebook.

42. law and order.

43. dark chocolate m&ms.

44. the geico gecko. those are the few commercials that truly awe me about advertising.

45. being in the loop, so to speak.

46. blueberry pancakes.

47. instyle magazine. it is the only one that doesn’t feel like a waste to me since it takes me ages to read it and i love every minute of it.

48. baking. it’s such a stress reliever.

49. sass. i define this as the confidence to say what you mean when you mean it and the spunk to get away with it without hurting anyone.

50. playing on swingsets.

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