part 3

51. bright ties. ties with personality. ties that say “i’m not afraid to stand out and make a statement” but are still classy.
52. black and white photography.

53. big, graphic, bold colored flowers on fabric.

54. falling asleep on the couch.

55. macs.

56. haribo gummy bears, especially the clear/white ones that taste like pineapple.

57. the messages on taco bell sauce packets. i get joy from them. i’d like someone to propose to me like that. they have them, you know. the ones that say “will you marry me?” so cool.

58. virgin pina coladas. actually, any drink that could be alcoholic but isn’t.

59. men who treat women with respect.

60. fun and revealing late-night AIM conversations.

61. perfectly painted toenails.

62. the long phone conversations that made last summer amazing.

63. people who are willing to express their love.

64. the perfect chicken chimichanga.

65. the sound of crickets.

66. vanilla candles. vanilla lotion. vanilla room scents. vanilla.

67. daisies.

68. working in the temple. i love the temple, but i also love my job at the temple so much.

69. the color combination of blue-green and chocolate brown.

70. the way i feel when i’m reading the book of mormon.

71. british accents. australian accents. new zealand accents. anything that sounds like a british accent.

72.  the word “gobsmacked”. the phrase “might could”. the letter r.  the number 9. and the fact that those last two things reminded me of sesame street.
73.  the fact that i kill at wheel of fortune and am decent at jeopardy.

74.  mix cds.

75. the pacific ocean.

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