in my continuing quest to understand the male mind and my ridiculously cursed dating existence (or so it seems at this moment), i had a very interesting interchange with a new friend last night.  he asked me some questions about who i was interested in, and i told him of my continuing problem of being “just friends” with everyone i manage to have any interest in.  i’m not sure why i felt free to be so…well…free with my opinions, but it was nearly 1 a.m. and that might have been part of it.  he told me that it’s bad to be in the friend zone, and i asked him for some advice on how to stay out of it.

it was a long reply and rather thoughtful–i was impressed–but the basic conclusion was that with friendship comes a lack of mystery and that lack of mystery kills any romantic possibility.

this is fascinating to me.

because i think it’s exactly the OPPOSITE with girls.  the more i get to know somebody, the more i love them. mysterious adorable guys are great, but they’re eye candy.

i just don’t understand this.  i don’t know if i believe it’s really true. is it? is the thing that is killing my mojo the fact that i am apparently easy for guys to befriend? i don’t get it.


please educate me–especially if you’re a man.  is this guy right?

One Response to “huh?”

  1. Yes, I believe he is, for the most part. Mystery is big with guys.

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