what it’s all about

i had the opportunity to work in the temple again today. i love it there.  there’s nowhere else that i feel the Spirit the way that i feel it there.  nowhere.

i went to the temple today with a heavy heart and burdened mind.  i had a lot to think about.  stuff’s been just not good on a lot of fronts, and i had gotten to the point where i was just tired of it and at my wit’s end.  i tried to prepare myself as much for my service in the temple as i could, through prayer and trying to invite the Spirit. but when i got there, i was still burdened.

that’s not always a bad thing.  sometimes it’s exactly how you need to be to get what you need to get.

i was working as the greeter in the early afternoon, and a teenaged girl came in with about five small children (all under the age of 5).  she was very clearly a babysitting recruit, and the kids were adorable.  shortly thereafter, a husband and wife came down from witnessing a sealing, and the baby spotted her mom.  when she did, she sort of let out this squeal and opened her arms real wide. the teenager let her down and she toddled across the temple lobby into her mom’s waiting arms. her mom was in tears (what mom wouldn’t be?) and later told me that she and her husband had been away for 2 1/2 days and that was the first time they’d seen their kids since.

and i got to thinking, that’s what this life is all about.  our families.  the love in our lives that helps us get to where we need to be.  the people who help us to become better and brighter than we already are.  the people who help us to keep our covenants and to do the work that we are supposed to be doing in this life.

every time i’m in the temple, i realize that.  some of the things that i was burdened with just aren’t important.  some of them are.  but being in a place where the Spirit is so unrestrained for so long, by the end you can’t help but feel lighter and brighter and more hopeful.  at least i couldn’t.

and i walked out of that place today with a smile that has been absent for a while.

i am blessed to be able to serve. i am blessed to know what i know. i am blessed to continue to have experiences that teach me what’s really important.

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