part 4

last installment.

76.    the word amazing when it’s applied to me—and i know it is not an empty compliment.

77.    the song “when you say nothing at all.”

78.    laundry day–after everything is done.

79.    serving enough to abandon selfishness.

80.    text messages, especially the unexpected ones.

81.    crossstitching.

82.    the sound of a silent library and the awe that it fills me with.

83.    getting the mail on alternating Thursdays or Fridays.

84.    baby animals in springtime. cliché, but true, especially when i drive by them in the fields.

85.    cherry pull and peel twizzlers.

86.    sand between my toes.

87.    the Rocky Mountains.

88.    jane austen novels. all of them.  there aren’t enough of them.

89.    cranium.

90.    trusting people. it’s not easy for me, so when i get there, it means something big.

91.    being someone trustworthy.

92.    the seemingly eternal search for the perfect purse. it must be how hunters feel.

93.    barbeques and all that comes with them—friends, family, burnt hot dogs, paper plates, everything.

94.    hope.

95.    little kids and everything that goes with them.

96.    lists like these. i learn a lot about myself.

97.    my best friend—and everything that he has taught me and all the ways that i am better for knowing him.

98.    adventures of my own creation, especially when it involves travel.

99.    redecorating, inspired by long hours of inspiring HGTV watching.

100.     my life.  even when i complain, i am a really lucky girl.

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