right and left

i am just ticking people off right and left lately–without even intending to do so.  i have no idea why, but for some reason my good intentions end up being construed as either nosyness (i don’t know how to spell that…i’ll admit it) or me being snarky or obnoxious when i’m really only kidding.

so i’m thinking, for a while, i ought to just give up. i feel myself withdrawing a little into a shell of defensiveness.  i don’t like that feeling.  i had been feeling so confident, so much surer of my own worth, which was good because there have been a few things that have happened in the past few days that could have really sent me into a funk.  but, gratefully, i have not gone there.  but still–i don’t like being willfully misunderstood. and that’s what i feel like right now.

it’s frustrating.  part of me wants to explain and part of me wants to just be “whatever. do what you want. think what you want. and if you think that of me, then you can’t possibly know me at all.”

which is sad when it’s supposed to be your friends, you know?

grr.  talking about this just makes me angrier.  gonna go do some deep breathing and yoga and hope that all the blood rushing to my head will inspire some wisdom.


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