there’s something really therapeutic about anger every once in a while. it feels detoxifying, especially when i speak up for myself. and today i did.

i yelled.

well, in text, because that was the medium available to me.


and i just laid it out there.

there is something truly liberating about standing up for yourself.  i don’t know what it is.  i don’t know if it’s that i never did it before–which is true–or that just the act itself is so empowering.  i really didn’t ever stand up for myself when i was younger.  i think some people are born with the ability to put themselves first and some people have to learn how to do it when it’s appropriate. i skew towards the martyr role–i will give and give and give and certainly wish and expect things in return (not that that’s why you give, but you know…) but when it doesn’t happen, or i feel taken advantage of, i wouldn’t necessarily say anything.

no more.

now, i speak up. now, i tell it like it is.  and most of the time, i feel right about it.

today i did.  no regrets.  i don’t know how it was received.  i’m not sure i care. all i know is that it needed to be said.  and i was the one who needed to say it.

and now i can move on.

it’s amazing how awesome that feeling is.

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