indoor things to do in FL

So…Mom’s coming.

WHOOOOOOOOOOO!  I love my mom.

But she doesn’t love Florida.  Especially in August, when she’s thinking of coming.  She asked me a question that I pose to you now: “don’t they have indoor things to do in Florida?”

Do they?  We’ve thought of the Space Center. We’ve already done Disney (and I would direct your attention to the fact that Disney is, routinely, FREAKING HOT). She’s mentioning the beach, but I’ll believe that when I see it. I’m the beach girl, not her.  But we might stay at the beach.

Other ideas, oh native friends?

Muchisimas gracias.


One Response to “indoor things to do in FL”

  1. Sapphire Says:

    Dood, I totally had a long post and it got deleted GRAR.

    Basically what it said was that all the big cities have lots of nifty things in them. Like we have museums and state parks and a high magnetic lab thingy in tallahassee. Depending on what interests your mom (art? animals? history?) I would find a city that has lots of things to explore and visit that. Do you want to travel to do stuff or stay close to Gainesville? Big city or small town? I think those would be important factors to narrow down activities. There’s plenty to do, you just need to decide what you want that plenty to involve.

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