well, crap.

I think I had convinced myself that I was an excellent blogger.  You know, capturing the wit and wisdom of Carrie in some kind of pithy, insightful package.  Presenting philosophical questions, venting honestly, keeping myself sane…you know.  The usual blog ingredients.

Then I went blog searching. I don’t remember how I got to the first one, written by the lovely and amazing Thoroughly Mormon Millie.  But then I saw the blogroll and that was the end.

If you’re not a blogger, the only comparison I can make is to those moments when you walk into a new party, classroom, church, whatever…just picture being the new fish and thinking you’re the big fish like you used to be…and you realize, wow.  You are out of your league.

But, strangely? I just want to sit at the feet of these bloggers and drink in their sass. I mean, I’m pretty much defined by my sass, but these women? They school me.   And I love it.

Now if they’ll only let me learn.


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