i nearly lost it laughing

I asked my students, after we reviewed fifteen different logical fallacies, to create an ad pitch for a product (actually, it turned into a series of statements about the product) that used, as outrageously as possible, as many logical fallacies as they could.

Don’t be impressed.  I got it off some website somewhere.  The best teachers are the thieves.

My students had so much fun with it.  And the best one?

“Use Windex, because other countries can’t afford it.”

Now, this probably doesn’t strike you as that funny. I, in contrast, nearly fell off of my chair. The ingenuity and verve these students shows is truly keeping me going in the midst of my mid-summer meltdown (literal and figurative, I suppose).  They are great. I am blessed.

And they’re funny–and think I’m funny too (unless they’re just humoring me, which could be true…).  It’s a good thing.

I’ll still be glad when it’s over, though.  No offense towards them intended.  I just am tired.

One Response to “i nearly lost it laughing”

  1. Okay, I think you must be the coolest teacher ever. I would have killed for a teacher that would laugh at my stuff!

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