toot! toot!

That’s me, with my own horn.

The numbers don’t lie. In my first full-length British Literature survey class, my students rated me a 4.80 out of 5.

That’s, like, a 96%!

(And if I told you how long it took me to do that math in my head, you would cackle and write your own blog post about how they really should not let idiots teach the future of our country.)

It’s a nice reminder that maybe I don’t suck at what I do.  Maybe I do have a future in this business after all.  It’s especially gratifying since, actually, that class is my specialty.

Going into Harry Potter lockdown now. I’ll emerge, victorious, on Sunday night probably.  I’m very excited.

Happy reading!

One Response to “toot! toot!”

  1. Congrats on not sucking–and have fun with HP

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