the Harry Potter weekend

Don’t worry–I won’t give away the ending. It’s too good to ruin for anyone else.

I finished the seventh and–GASP!–final Harry Potter book today. I cheered, cried, clapped, and gasped (and not necessarily in that order). The excitement I felt when I opened my mailbox and saw that Amazon package reminded me–shocker–of when Book 6 came out. Suddenly, I was replaying that moment in my mind, but even that–and that was pretty good–was nothing compared to this.  I read from 4 to 5 and 11:30 until 3:45 a.m. last night (party inbetween, inconvenient social life!) and the minute I could, I was back at it today. In order to make sure that I didn’t miss a thing, I used my finger to trace the words so that I could digest every phrase.

I continue to stand in awe of the artistry of J.K. Rowling. For a story that came to her on a train ride, this series is truly magical.

No pun intended, if you can believe it.

The book is, by far, her best. It is a grownup book. I don’t mean that it has more language–although I think there are a few choice Ron Weasley swear words–or that it is darker–although it certainly is, with Voldemort as central to every moment as he is. I mean it’s about grownup questions of love and sacrifice and responsibility and following your instinct and trust and believing in yourself. It is, throughout, the final test for all of these characters that we have grown to love.

They, like all of us, have to figure it out on their own. Harry is an adult in this book, and I liked it. I saw it even in their magic–they were casting spells and using charms I’d never heard of, and I was thinking “wow…Hermione’s really a brilliant witch” or “Ron was paying attention in class?!?” No longer the babies who were learning how to levitate a wand, these character are mature, fully fleshed out, and real.

Not perfect. Not even always smart. But always real. Always themselves. And now very much adults.

It was truly a joy to read.

I can’t wait to read it again. And again.

And how COOL was it that there was so much anticipation, excitement, and hubbub over a BOOK!

Makes a bibliophile’s textual heart sing.

3 Responses to “the Harry Potter weekend”

  1. The Harry potter is catching striking popularity in my country, but –to my surprise– I’ve never read that series. I even didn’t see the Harry potter film. Nonetheless, I come to intend to read at least “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” after reading your impressions of that book.

  2. oh dear… Now I’ve done it. Please delete the first comment. Sorry, drbolte!

  3. I agree with you! its a great book, but too bad it ends…I feel so empty putting it down after so many years waiting for it…

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