because I’m a woman…

…I must, of course, fret about the fact that I don’t think I’ve eaten anything green that wasn’t artificially so (M&Ms don’t count, do they?) since the paleolithic era.  I should really change that.

…I find it hilarious that I felt like a big spender when I bought good bread (not the already-stale, $1.25 crap bread that you really do have to eat in one day or else it turns to cardboard) today at the store.

…I am genetically compelled to bake for birthdays.  Birthdays not my own.  I take joy in it.  It’s a little sad.

…I don’t things being late (and by things I, of course, mean the thing that send every woman rushing for the Advil and every man heading for the hills).  Good thing there’s no worries there, huh?  Or else I’d have more to stress out about.   But it messes with the schedule. I don’t like it.  It’s the second month in a row.  Freaking hormones.

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