my to-do list

Tuesday update: As I finish things, I’ll cross them off. It’s my way of convincing myself that I am, indeed, getting stuff done even though right now, with this sinus headache all I want to do is sleep…holy heck, I really did do a lot yesterday!

I’ll understand if you don’t care about this. I wouldn’t particularly care, except in the larger sense about caring about people’s lives that makes up the blogworld. But, honestly, my life is minimally controlled chaos right now, and I’m packing everything in sight, so I’m going to share with you my to-do list so that a) I don’t lose it…again and b) you can feel bad for me. I like the sympathy right now. I really do.

Things left to do before I leave my little apartment forever:

  • Go to Walmart to buy assorted moving supplies, including wide masking tape, oven cleaner, some kind of industrial strength cleanser for my microwave and refrigerator (any suggestions, Mommy bloggers?), sponges, toilet paper, and some kind of chocolate. Lots of some kind of chocolate.
  • Go to Lowe’s to buy spackle and a spackle knife. I actually quite love to spackle. Am I spelling spackle right? It seems…wrong. (FYI: Walmart has spackle…and paint! who knew?)
  • Plan classes for the rest of the week, including writing a writing assignment sheet for the paper draft they have due on Wednesday. I could not care any less if I tried.
  • Grade rebuttal arguments. See “could not care less” comment above.
  • Pack up extraneous books I’m donating and find a way to haul them and my carcass up to the 4th floor of Turlington.
  • Since they don’t have oven cleaner at Walmart, go to the grocery store and buy some. (none at grocery store either, but thank heavens for Google directions…)
  • Go to Linens n’ Things or Bed Bath and Beyond with my coupon and buy a new shower curtain that matches both my towels and my existing rugs, bed lifters, and a body pillow cover.
  • Go to Walmart (again) on Saturday to buy a trash can for the bathroom and for the kitchen.
  • Resist the urge to eat out for convenience’s sake and instead eat the food that I will have to move if I don’t. (that ship has totally sailed, and I feel okay about it.)
  • Go to U-haul to get a big picture box and some bubble wrap.
  • Be the kitchen minion of my pal Beth during her RS visiting teaching dinner. The only upshot? I get to boss around boys…
  • Clean…everything, but especially oven, refrigerator, kitchen cabinets (inside and out) and bathroom (tub and walls, sink and vanity, toilet, floors, cabinets). The rest will have to wait until Saturday afternoon.
  • Go to Institute, if not for the spiritual uplift (which I totally need) then for the opportunity to continue to ask people to come help me move. I am freaking out.
  • Pack…everything. I’m at that point where there’s lots of stuff packed and the place looks like I have 4000 more boxes to pack because I’ve pulled everything out of its hiding places and am systematically going through it. I don’t move everything–I weed through everything and then pack it. It’s a good thing, since I’ve already gotten rid of like two tons of crap.
  • More specifically, pack the kitchen cabinets, including food; big pictures and shelves; bathroom cabinets; the rest of the desk drawers and the top of the desk; finish the living room boxes that are still open; the closet into bags and boxes; nightstand and other bedroom furniture.
  • Try to maintain my sanity and pray for strength, courage, and help.

I’m not sure why this is such a big deal. I think it’s all finally hitting me that I’m leaving this place. I was writing my best friend yesterday, and I was like “I can’t believe this is the last letter I’ll send from this address, the last Sunday I’ll be here.” It’s weird. I have very good memories there. My little apartment has been very good to me. I know it’s time to move on, literally, but I guess I’m just…oh, I don’t know what I am.

Ridiculous, most likely.

Any moving suggestions, cleaning suggestions, life suggestions are warmly welcomed and appreciated. I KNOW I’m being whiny…sorry. I’ll have stories and fun things to talk about next week, I’m sure.

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