coming through in a pinch

I shouldn’t be surprised, but I have been anyways.

The people that I didn’t expect to be as awesome as they are being about helping me move have been truly amazing. Not only are they happily willing to help, but they’re recruiting more help for me and my roommates. What an amazing church we have. What amazing friends I have!

And I had a friend offer to come and help me pack or even just keep me company while I packed. That’s generosity right there. She JUST MOVED LAST WEEKEND and she’s willing to help me.

How did I get so lucky and so blessed? I have no idea. But I’m grateful for it.

So, while I’m still control-freaking about Saturday and the number of people that will be there, I’m trying to listen to the quiet voice that keeps whispering peace to my heart, keeps telling me “you’re going to have enough and more than enough for your needs.”

And I need to remind myself that I actually CAN do this. I worry that, if no one comes, I’ll have to do it myself. And I fear that I won’t have the physical strength to do it. But that’s stupid because my mom and I did it all ourselves when I moved here, and I was 90 pounds heavier than I am now with a whole lot less energy and whole lot less comfort with Florida heat. Now I’ve been here for three years and, while I certainly still sweat, I don’t wilt like I used to.

I can do it. I need to just remind myself that I have much more strength than I think I do.

What I don’t like lately, though? I don’t like how people look at me askance when I talk about being stressed about moving. Sure, you might move all of the time, but I don’t. I also have more than one bedroom to move and I haven’t moved since I moved here from North Carolina and I’m moving into an apartment that has already caused me more stress than I can explain. I may nickname it “Pound of Flesh and Firstborn Child” apartments, because that’s basically what they require of us before we move in. So, excuse me if I’m stressed, but I am.

Also, I am OCD about moving–when I ask for help from people for moving, I have it all completely organized. EVERYTHING is packed. EVERYTHING is in easy to handle boxes or bags that, if I have to, I can lift and carry and move myself. EVERYTHING is labeled efficiently and completely, and all of the extraneous stuff has been disposed of. So, does it take me a lot longer than you who isn’t even going to pack until the day before you move? Yes. But my move is probably going to be faster, more organized, and easier to recover from than yours–or at least it will be for me. Does it help for you to judge me and call me weird? Uh…no, not really. It makes me feel stupid…and that doesn’t really help me in encountering this task and mastering it. What would help? If people would either be sympathetic or leave me alone until Sunday, when it will all be over.

Then I’ll probably be in a better mood. But until then, I will be grateful for my blessings and try not to grumble too much at the stupid comments I keep getting.

I’m off to search for the Tylenol.

One Response to “coming through in a pinch”

  1. Sapphire Says:

    um, people are dumb and can shove it.

    89 hours! Or something like that. My math skills are really rusty. My calculus teacher would grimace if she saw me struggling to do addition, except for the fact that she quit teaching to get married and become a real estate agent and took off every other wednesday because she was hungover.


    we’ll be fine. I do happen to be very weak and susceptible to heat exhaustion (yes!) so I might have to break more than other people, but we’ll be fine. we will have more than enough. I mean, I myself am bring a herd of people with me, and I probably have the least amount of stuff. bed (maybe), desk, a couple of lamps, and like 7 sterlite containers, and a few other things (backpack, laptop, printer, etc.) so you can bet my herd will be ready to help you guys after not too long.

    also my sisters might be staying the night? or my mom, I dunno, we’ll see.

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