service is its own reward

Tonight, I had the opportunity to play kitchen duty while my wonderful friend Beth, the Relief Society president, held a Visiting Teaching dinner.  For those of you not down with the Mormon lingo, Relief Society is the organization for women (and, unlike most wards, we have two RSes in our ward, or congregation, so I didn’t need to attend this dinner myself) and Visiting Teaching is the system whereby we friendship and take care of each other.

Since she’s the Orange Relief Society and I’m Blue, I got to be her minion for the night, which basically consisted of cooking or heating up all of the food that she had already prepared or gotten all of the ingredients for and, with the assistance of a very helpful Elders Quorum president (the head of the guys organization), serve it all hot and yummy to the sisters while they chatted and learned about Visiting Teaching.

I’ll admit that, when I went over there, I was a bit like “I’m here because I love Beth but I’m not going to love doing this.”  It wasn’t that I was particularly begrudging the time that I was spending there, because I wasn’t, but I had a headache (freaking sinuses due to freaking thunderstorms) and as you all know ad nauseum, I am stressed about moving.  So, I wasn’t looking for it to be a riproaring good time.

But it was exactly where I needed to be.

Beth, as is natural, was crazed and running around trying to get everything done and it was so very nice to be able to be a steadying voice or a pair of hands when she needed it. See, I’ve been exactly where she was–not long ago, in fact, I was a Relief Society president–and so I remember what it’s like to actually have people around that you can count on. It’s irreplaceable. It was nice to be able to do that for someone else like others always did it for me.

But beyond that, there was something truly cathartic and peaceful about being able to just do these things for other people. I didn’t eat anything really other than dessert because I had eaten before I came, so I spent my time cooking and then cleaning up.

It was so much fun.  And by fun I don’t mean riproaring good time. It was just…nice.

In a week full of chaos and running around and being insane, it was really nice to just be.  To handle something. To be good at it and to be able to see it as a job well done.

When a bunch of the sisters came in to thank me, I was genuinely uncomfortable. The peace of the Spirit that I had felt while doing it was reward enough–I didn’t need thanks.  Plus, they didn’t NEED to thank me.  What had I done that they themselves wouldn’t have done for me?  Nothing much. Nothing extraordinary.

It was just nice.  Really nice.  I’m glad I was there.  I feel energized and ready to go for the rest of this week.  I feel like I can do this thing.

What a blessing!

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