the ethics of scamming wireless or, why doesn’t Cox Cable like me?!?

So, I was in charge of hooking up the utilities at the new Casa de Chicas.

I was ever so vigilant. I even went down to the Cox Cable offices so that I wouldn’t have to deal with the nonsense of phone customer service. I find that title laughable.

The cable was supposed to be turned off at my old place at midnight on August 3rd and on at the new place at the same time. Moral of the story? It was supposed to be on when we moved in.

Ta-da! Not true.

All we got was the dreaded blue screen of no cable.


So I called and they told me that they didn’t see what the problem was and that they would have to schedule an appoint–que bliss–ON THURSDAY.

“I’m sorry”, I wanted to say. “Do you not understand that you are dealing with the most internet and TV addicted pair of roommates EVER? This is a major crisis! We blog. We watch TV online. We Facebook. We are the new generation of technophiles!”
But my angst was of no import and they are coming tomorrow afternoon.

In the meantime, however, with no particular guilt, my roommate found an open wireless connection and hopped onboard.

I have used it, I’ll admit. But I feel badly about it. Is it stealing? Is it wrong?

I just don’t know.

Lest you think I’m being mighty hypocritical pointing out this existential ethical dilemma while using this random wireless connection (I really have no idea where it’s from. For all I know, it could be from the apartment building.), I am at school. In the grad lounge. Enjoying guilt-free internet access.


I look forward to tomorrow.


2 Responses to “the ethics of scamming wireless or, why doesn’t Cox Cable like me?!?”

  1. laurawahlquist Says:

    If they leave it open I assume they feel like sharing . . . =)

  2. LOL. to the addicted to the internet and t.v., to me having no guilt, and to laura’s comment. also, for some reason my computer is being grumpy with the ethernet, so I was like don’t care, and now am back on this random wireless network. I say, God helps those who help themselves. ;o)

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